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Which Plant Is The Best?


Which Sewage Treatment Plant Is The BEST?

There is no such thing as the 'Best' sewage plant. It depends how they are going to be used.

 Some plants do not work well if they are very underloaded, some do. This is a common problem as there are minimum sizes for plants depending on the number of bedrooms a house has. For example, a 4 bedroom house requires a minimum 6 person sewage treatment plant. Many treatment plant processes require a minimum sewage load of 40% of their design population. In other words, a 6 person plant of this type needs a minimum 3 persons using it. The manufacturers of these types of plants won't tell you this.

Some plants die if they are left for any length of time without use, others continue to survive for weeks or even months.

There are many different types of sewage treatment plants and many manufacturers are economical with the truth about their plants' capabilities, as they have only one type of plant to offer you and don't want to lose a sale!

Even some 'INDEPENDENT' suppliers will try to sell you the plant that makes them the most profit, not the plant that is best for you.

 There are 6 very important things to consider when buying a sewage treatment plant.

  • The tank warranty period. A minimum 5 year tank warranty is essential. Some market leading plants have only 12 months, which is not enough to protect you against tank failure. Tanks crack, bend and pipe spigots snap off when the ground has fully settled - 2 to 4 years AFTER the plant has been installed. A 12 month tank warranty is useless and some major manufacturers have the nerve to CHARGE you for an extended warranty over 12 months!. If the tank quality is so poor that 12 months is all a manufacturer will give without paying extra, don't buy it.
  • A tank which has a one-piece construction. Avoid tanks that are made in two or more pieces and joined together - usually discernable from the photo of the plant which appears to be in sections, either a top and a bottom, or in sections horizontally. Even the best seals will fail eventually and they cannot be repaired without first digging up the plant - impossible with a concrete surround.
  • Internal moving parts. Sewage is corrosive, parts are expensive, so a sewage plant with no internal moving parts is an advantage.
  • Electricity consumption. The most efficient 6 person VORTEX sewage plant uses only 34 watts/hour, whilst the least efficient one uses 135 watts/hour - 4 times as much. The FilterPod sewage treatment plant uses no electricity at all.
  • The blower should be housed outside the tank in a kiosk. Inside the tank, the humidity is 100%. Water and electricity are not a good combination. It is cheaper for the manufacturers to put the blowers inside the tank as a kiosk costs around £100, but it is false economy. If you ask us to install one of these sewage treatment plants we always insist on removing the blower and installing it in a seperate kiosk as we don't like emergency callouts after the plant install.
  • Service and emptying intervals. These vary from 3 monthly to annual, even for a 6 person plant.

You have some work to do as well. See steps to take for a successful sewage installation