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 White Rose Sewage Installations

Septic Tank Surveys and Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Tel. 01757 289555

Tank Installation Problems

Why you should hire professionals to install your tank

It is easy to install a sewage treatment plant or septic tank with perfect ground conditions and weather. You simply follow the installation manual.

The problems occur when conditions are not perfect. All installation manuals are only GUIDES - they do not explain what to do when things start to go wrong .- and when they go wrong, they go wrong very quickly!

No manufacturer will uphold the tank warranty if the installation is at fault.

You pay a lot of money for the plant so get it installed by a specialist with insurance.

High Watertables

Your ground may look great when you dig your garden, but what sort of conditions will you find 2.5 metres underground? The problems start if you hit the watertable. Many parts of the UK have groundwater within a metre of ground level and when this starts to fill the hole faster than you can dig, you are in trouble unless you know what you are doing and have all the necessary pumps and pipes on site and the knowledge to deal with it. Even then, high groundwater creates a massive force on the tank when it is installed. Concrete surrounds don't stop it as concrete is not waterproof and the groundwater can force its way between the concrete and the tank. This can cause the tank to bend, split and crack and the plant is then useless. Such ground conditions need a specialist install. The installation manual is only a GUIDE and will not guarantee a successful installation.

Running Sand

Even worse problems arise if you meet running sand or running gravel. If you have ever tried to dig a deep hole on a wet beach near the sea, you will know the problem. No matter how fast you dig, the hole doesn't get any deeper - it just gets wider as the sand runs in almost like a liquid. It is here that the amateur is in real trouble. Running sand must be dealt with very quickly and unless the correct specialist equipment is on site, the whole project can be ruined.

Wet Weather

These also cause big problems for the amateur installer who is not equiped for adverse conditions.

All drain pipes leading to the sewage treatment plant or septic tank are bedded on gravel. During wet weather, the gravel itself acts as a drain and the water is chanelled directly to the tank installation hole. This causes big problems if you are trying to surround the tank with concrete and big problems if the install is one where the tank is surrounded by gravel, as the tank will float up as the water rises in the hole.

As with all tank installations, it is vital that the RIGHT equipment is at hand and on site, to prevent difficulties turning into nightmares.